About Sangam

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Sangam's Journey

At 10 years old, Sangam (pronounced Sung-Gum) knew without a doubt that she wanted to make a positive contribution to the world. Hope for and belief in world peace burns strong inside her. With a smile on her face, she always remembered this dream. She had an unconventional childhood, to say the least. She was born in a tiny village in India that even today is without electricity. Then at age 4 she moved to Nepal and initially lived at home and then in boarding school. Then at age 8 she moved to California with an American woman, and her family stayed behind in Nepal.

She did not fit in – first a stranger in the strange land of Nepal in boarding school, then even more of a stranger when she moved to America and had to live with strangers and didn’t know the language. She felt misplaced, desperately wanted to be found and loved. Childhood trauma that continued into her teens also skewed her sense of self. As a child and as an adult, she appeared healthy and accomplished, but on the inside shame, zero self-worth, no spirit, and no motivating life force consumed her. Even as lost as she felt, she still had a drive to do something for the world.

Her formal education and professional experience is in environmental engineering, both applied and research. Her Ph.D. is in sanitation and hygiene as applied to the underprivileged Kenyan and Ecuadorian populations. Her greatest contribution is her work in rural Kenya. There, she helped locals build, use, and distribute simple sand filters to purify their water to reduce childhood diarrhea, a disease that results in death in regions without access to safe drinking water.

At age 33, she unknowingly enrolled in a life-long personal development journey. She hired an exceptional therapist and did yoga which shined a light on her purest form. This process began to change her brain, her habits, and her automatic tendencies. Intergenerational traumas that had been passed down through the ages were quickly released. She learned self-love and released tremendous shame linked to childhood trauma. Most importantly, she re-ignited her desire to make the most from this one and only unique human experience. 

Sangam is a natural hard-worker and optimizer who strives for efficiency and common sense. Her ability to separate herself from personal agendas helps her see the big picture in complex situations. This helps her make unattached, objective assessments. She combines this in her personal and professional life with a passion for growth, improvement, and a life that exemplifies love, respect, and fulfillment for all.

In 2017, she had a daughter named Lilah and became certified as a life coach. As a first-time parent, she was idealistic with high expectations. She is talented when it comes to children, but this gift didn’t translate to her own child. She faced many challenges and, now, 3 years later, she is emerging as the mother she imagined herself being. 

Lilah is pure and opens Sangam up to be a better person and to heal intergenerational trauma. It is a great joy to know that this effort paves the way for Lilah and future generations to an even more promising and fulfilling future. She continues to grow into a more peaceful life. She takes this approach: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

As a Life Coach and a One Community Pioneer, she feels that her life-long dreams are reachable. Her dream-come-true is to raise $50,000,000 to build One Community. One Community is a 100% volunteer non-profit group creating open source blueprints for a more sustainable existence - sustainable in the physical/environmental sense, as well as the emotional/fulfilled-living sense. 

Sangam wants to directly ignite world change. She helps people realize a better existence that honors and protects life-giving elements. Sangam is undeniably committed to this cause and dreams to awaken the essences of human beings and our drive to guide and transform the world. 

It is innately important to Sangam to contribute to something greater than herself – a desire to leave this place better than how she entered it. She pledges to put her life towards peace, unity, and stewardship. This is the compass that guides her and she feels the world needs. Her work aims to achieve inner peace, family peace, community peace, and ultimately world peace.