Audrey Schwind
Stay at Home Mama and Center Director for Music Together North End

"To be honest, this doesn't even come close to expressing my gratitude and how much I have learned from Sangam, but I took a stab…I have come to know Sangam as a true friend but also as a client. Recently, my husband and I reached out to her for help navigating a persistent behavioral challenge with my toddler. Sangam is an incredible practitioner- offering thoughtful and critical feedback, sharing her wisdom and understanding above all, how to support, nurture and empower her clients so they feel competent, capable and learn to trust their own parental instincts. She is truly one of the most inspirational parents and practitioners I have ever had the privilege to work with and know. Thank you Sangam, I am truly grateful!"

Lauren Perreault

"As the group leader, Sangam established the overarching vision and then created space for the group to establish its own norms, rhythms, and goals. Although she contributes suggestions to move the group forward as needed, Sangam excels at creating a supportive space for the members to find their own way. She is an exceptionally patient and present listener and guides with insightful questions. Sangam’s honesty and vulnerability are refreshing and effective in a leader and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of the group."

Jenna P.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Sangam’s ability to be present with her clients is quite profound. She exudes a warmth and generosity which immediately makes you feel at home. She kindly challenges various patterns that no longer serve, and offers new things to try. She attunes and accompanies with skill and compassion."

Ilyse Sakamoto

"Sangam creates a safe, non judgmental, welcoming space which allows me to be vulnerable and honest. Her intentional approach to identifying and helping me work through my pain points challenges me to view things from a new, more holistic perspective. She is a fierce listener and deep thinker. Through my sessions with Sangam I have gained support  and skills that have empowered me to practice a more purposeful and mindful approach to each day."