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About Me

At 10 years old, Sangam (pronounced Sung-Gum) knew without a doubt that she wanted to make a positive contribution to the world. Hope for and belief in world peace burns strong inside her. With a smile on her face, she always remembered this dream. She had an unconventional childhood, to say the least. She was born in a tiny village in India that even today is without electricity. Then at age 4 she moved to Nepal and initially lived at home and then in boarding school. Then at age 8 she moved to California with an American woman, and her family stayed behind in Nepal.

She did not fit in – first a stranger in the strange land of Nepal in boarding school, then even more of a stranger when she moved to America and had to live with strangers and didn’t know the language. She felt misplaced, desperately wanted to be found and loved. Childhood trauma that continued into her teens also skewed her sense of self. As a child and as an adult, she appeared healthy and accomplished, but on the inside shame, zero self-worth, no spirit, and no motivating life force consumed her. Even as lost as she felt, she still had a drive to do something for the world.



Her Gift

Sangam was born to do this. She did it before she even knew it was an official profession. She gathered her first experience as a child and her gift continues to blossom. She has been a leader in helping people find their path and true essence since she was 13 years old. She coaches naturally and warmly. She is an excellent listener, a gentle conveyor of the truth, loving, and patient.


She is an engineer at heart - naturally systematic and efficient, she applies this to every aspect in her life. 


As a One Community pioneer, she improved the muscle to look at and work for the bigger picture and biggest impact for the Highest Good of All.

Self Coaching

Sangam is double certified through Coach U and The Life Coach School. Additionally, she has ample personal experience and coaches herself daily to provide high level coaching to her clients and really any and everyone she meets.

Loving and Safe

As a yoga instructor she holds a loving and calm space that is safe and protected, and free from judgement.  She learned to hold the space when she was certified as a Yoga Instructor 7 years ago.


How Sangam uses the money you pay her for her services:

  • 25% to One Community Non-Profit NGO

  • 25% to taxes

  • 25% to childcare

  • 10% to office space

  • 10% to office manager

  • 5% towards travel, insurance, internet, supplies, zoom, and other business-related expenses